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Weekday Schedule

12:00 AM Kurt Goff Live II                           12:00 PM Equipped
5:00 AM Leading the Way                            1:00 PM Unlocking the Bible
5:30 AM Love Worth Finding                      1:30 PM Summit Life
6:00 AM Turning Point                                 2:00 PM Chris Fabry Live! 
6:29 AM HighPoint                                        3:00 PM Money Wise Live
7:00 AM Focus On The Family                    4:00 PM In The Market
7:30 AM Just Thinking                                  6:00 PM Focus On The Family
7:43 AM Lamplighter (Local Show)           6:30 PM  Odyssey
8:00 AM Insight For Living                         7:00 PM Washington Watch
8:30 AM Running To Win                            7:57 PM Lamplighter (Local Show)
9:00 AM Bold Steps                                       8:00 PM Southern Joy (Mon, Wed-Fri)
9:30 AM Living On The Edge                      9:00 PM Grace To You
10:00 AM Hope For The Heart                  9:30 PM  In Touch
10:30 AM Truth For Life                             10:00 PM The Word In Song III
11:00 AM The Alternative                           11:00 PM Kurt Goff Live I (Sun-Thu)
11:30 AM Revive Our Hearts                      11:30 PM Music Thru The Night (Fri)